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What are the ingredients in KYUFI?

Green tea concentrate and mint. 100% natural and without any chemical additives for a moment of gourmet pleasure. Our raw materials are planted and cultivated then selected by us with love for the best instant tea!

Is KYUFI 100% natural?

YES 100% natural. The best of tea and mint for a 100% healthy moment and 100% pleasure.

Why is the KYUFI sugar-free tea bag almost empty while the sweet tea bag is fuller?

Our authentic recipe is in line with our grandmothers' recipes, so it's sweet like our childhood. The healthy recipe is concentrate, a small amount is enough! Try 😊 you will be won over!

Can I buy KYUFI in stores?

Yes, yes :) KYUFI is finally on sale at Carrefour Hyper and Market in Île de France!

I would like to contact your teams, how do I do this?

You can contact us via Instagram (the KYUFI France page) and we'll get back to you within 24 hours! Also share your opinions and recommendations with us, the KYUFI Team is all ears!